22nd -29th JULY 2022

LEVEL I. Modules 1 & 2

Limited places

«Discovering the Art of Being»

This course will be imparted in Spanish and English

Training given by Dr. PILAR POSADAS

Closing ceremony: «Conscierto» (Mantra music concert).


➤ Course accredited and recognized by the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid. *By request.

➤ 35 hours, recognition of 3,5 ECTS. Valid for merit contests, competitive exams, etc.

The CRAFT program, whose acronym stands for the following five elements: Consciousness, Relaxation, Attention, Fulfilment, and Transcendence, is a holistic program, created by Dr. Pilar Posadas de Julián, that contemplates the globality of the human being. It is designed to promote the capacities human beings are endowed by nature, and to enhance the inner technology that can be used for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The theoretical and experiential foundations of the program are mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and yoga. An increasingly body of neuroscientific studies show evidence that these practices and disciplines are beneficial for developing resilience, quality of life, empathy, cognitive and physical functions, personal well-being, and social relationships. The program integrates the state-of-the-art neuroscientific findings with these four disciplines. This course provides you with the necessary tools and resources that can be easily applied and implemented in your daily life to improve your well-being, academic, and professional experience.

  • Promote self-knowledge, increasing physical, mental, and emotional awareness
  • Observe the relationship amongst physical posture, mental and emotional posture, and attitude towards life.
  • Know the interrelationship between thoughts and emotions, understanding their impact on the body.
  • Prevent postural injuries through body awareness and mindful yoga CRAFT exercises that are easy to apply.
  • Increase cognitive and attention skills, improving concentration and memory.
  • Increase resilience, the ability to face conflict situations.
  • Provide self-regulation and emotional management techniques.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships, fostering compassion and empathy.
  • Regulate and increase vital energy levels.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels.
  • Foster creativity and divert thinking.
  • Promote a state of global well-being and happiness.
Introduction to the CRAFT program «The Art of Being». Program elements. Applications and benefits.

 1. Consciousness.

  • Consciousness: The gateway to our Being. Witness consciousness
  • Physical, mental, and emotional awareness.
  • Proprioception and conscious posture.
  • The body and its relationship with our thoughts and emotions.
  • Recognition and connection with emotions through the body.
  • CRAFT yoga practice.

 2. Relaxation-Breathing-Regulation (The three R-R-R).

  • What is relaxation: Physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.
  • Conscious breathing.
  • Breathing as a regulation tool: Pranayama or basic yogic breathing exercises.
  • Definition, concept, and components of Emotional Intelligence. What are emotions? Introduction to Basic Emotions.
  • Emotional regulation strategies.

 3. Full Attention and Concentration (Mindfulness).

  • Mindfulness: definition and concept.
  • Basic attitudes for the practice of mindfulness.
  • The three axioms of mindfulness: Intention, attention, and attitude. 
  • Formal and informal meditation.
  • Techniques and practices to promote the state of mindfulness.

 4. Fulfillment, flow, and Bliss.

  • What is happiness. Bliss as a state of inner peace.
  • Introduction to the concepts of loving-kindness and compassion.
  • Motivation and management of vital energy through empathy.
  • Flowing with the present moment.
  • Techniques and strategies to increase our happiness.

 5. Transcendence- Full Consciousness.

  • The virtue of transcendence from positive psychology.
  • Beyond body, emotions, and thoughts.
  • Introduction to creativity and appreciation of beauty as tools of transcendence.
  • The importance of giving meaning to life.




A magnificent retreat in the heart of the Alpujarras (Granada-Spain)

Cortijo Casería del Mercado is an organic farm in rural southern Spain. Offering accommodation in the heart of the Alpujarra mountains, honouring nature, ecology and tradition!

Not only is the Cortijo a working farm, it has also been adapted as a retreat centre with traditional Spanish accommodation, a natural mineral water swimming pool, ecological sauna, two indoor yoga studios & one outdoor training space, all with breath-taking views.
The agriculture is completely organic and biodynamic. In addition to the large number of fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, it also has a peacock breeding sanctuary.
Entrance on the 22nd. at 5:00 p.m.

Departure on the 29th. after lunch.


€ 675 early-bird registration before 30th June – € 725 after that date.  

In caravan or tent (own tent):

€ 570 early-bird registration before 30th June – 620 after that date.

Includes lodging and full board from dinner on the 22nd to lunch on the 29th.

All meals prepared with organic food by a local chef (personalized attention to food allergies).

Room shared accommodation. Individual accommodation is also possible depending on availability and rates may vary.

Limited places

Fees related to the Camilo José Cela University certification are not included.

An additional 29 euros fee will be requested for the UCJC accredited certificate. Please indicate in the registration form below if you would like to receive the certificate.


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